Digital X-Ray

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Digital X-ray is a painless imaging technique that helps diagnose medical conditions like broken bones, pneumonia, and cancer. Different types of X-rays, such as chest or bone X-rays, are available based on individual requirements.

Diagnostic Aid

Digital X-ray technology allows for the diagnosis of a variety of conditions, including joint injuries, bone infections, fractures, persistent coughs, chest pain, and fluid buildup around bones.

Condition Monitoring

Digital X-rays help doctors develop personalized treatment plans by monitoring degenerative conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, and scoliosis.


The Amera Digital X-Ray Approach

We understand that undergoing digital X-rays can be an uncomfortable process, which is why we’ve crafted an experience that prioritizes your well-being while delivering exceptional diagnostic services.

Before Your Digital X-Ray

We will assist you with check-in procedures and guide you to a private room where you can change into a comfortable gown. Next, your technician will explain the procedure, lead you to the digital X-ray room, and fit you with a protective apron.

During Your Digital X-Ray

Depending on the area of the body being scanned, you will be positioned on the x-ray table, standing or sitting. Remain still during the X-ray scans. You may be asked to hold your breath for short periods. The whole process will last a few minutes.

After Your Digital X-Ray

Once your digital X-rays are complete, you will be guided back to a private room to change back into your clothes. Your digital X-ray images will be promptly reviewed by our expert radiologists, with results shared with both you and your healthcare provider.

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