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Designed with a patient-centric approach, Amera Imaging understands the importance of addressing individual needs and ensuring their comfort when receiving vital diagnostic procedures. Under the experienced and empathetic guidance of top radiologists like Dr. Ronald Zagoria, Amera Imaging strives to create an environment where patients genuinely matter.

Dr. Ronald Zagoria

A distinguished figure in the field of radiology, Dr. Ronald Zagoria serves as the Head Radiologist at Amera Imaging. Known for his patient-centered approach and commitment to clinical excellence, Dr. Zagoria brings skills honed from an illustrious career to leading the team at Amera.

His leadership philosophy strongly emphasizes high-quality, high-efficiency subspecialty radiology, helping to foster an environment that is both professionally top-tier and patient-friendly.


“At Amera Imaging, we live by the principle of delivering accurate, efficient, and compassionate care to each patient. This is the foundation of every scan we conduct.”

– Dr. Ronald Zagoria

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